ThetaRay expands its presence to South Europe and Latin America

Since September 2016, ThetaRay decided to expand to South Europe and LATAM markets with the help of Demtech’s expertise. ThetaRay is dedicated to help clients at large financial organizations,

Digital River expands its market with Demtech as a partner

In September 2016 Digital River signed a contract with Demtech focused on expanding the potential market. With 22 years of experience in the payment industry, Digital River is the leading global provider of Comm ...


In 2007, Mediaproximity and Demtech International partnered up. With the infrastructure provided by MediaProximitiy, using technologies such as Bluetooth, infrared, RFID and NFC, innovative marketing campaigns were run in major European metropolitan areas. Hotspots where installed at bus stops, trai ...

Medic4All Progresses

Demtech accomplishes critical work with Medic4All by targeting key medical groups that would facilitate their entry to the Spanish market

mBlox is ready for take-off!

Demtech launched of mBlox to the Spanish market by helping them close agreements with mobile operators. These agreements were key in allowing mBlox to start their SMS premium services in Spain.

Announcing Demtech´s Outstanding Spin-off: Viachannel

Viachannel came to life in 2002. It is a mobile marketing platform with interactive services. Strategically, it functions via all the existing mobile channels such as SMS push, MMS and IVR. It´s key focus? Providing technological and promotional design support to both brands and agencies. With a ...

Thank you Carephone

Demtech introduces the forward thinking Health-tech solutions from Carephone to the Spanish market, including a panic button and elderly care solutions