Strategic alliances

Over the years, due to Demtech’s recognized value, we were able to build a strong network of partnerships and alliances with some of the leading open innovation companies and disruptive players.

We are continuously looking for new challenges and opportunities, to always be updated and aware of the latest trends, tendencies & innovative ecosystems, thus offering such experience and network to our clients, as part of our service

Here a selection of some of our most valuable alliances:



NextSales Ambassador Network and Demtech have achieved a partnership that will allow them to work together in helping their clients to enter the European market. NextSales boasts a network of over 150 Ambassadors who will introduce your solution to their professional network, thus providing a gateway to the Dutch and overall European market.    

Listérus & Partners

Listérus & Partners and Demtech have signed a cooperation agreement in order to help our clients to reach european markets increasing the field of action for the sales effort.

Evolve Services

Demtech and Evolve Services Partnership

Evolve Services helps to expand Demtech’s clients and businesses to new markets in Belgium, Luxemburg and Netherlands. This partnership brings our clients closer to the different opportunities in the European markets.


Productive Partnership: Expanding global reach to U.S. and Canada

Demtech International and 151 Advisors announce a strategic partnership that will expand both companies’ global reach and capabilities. The new partnership will offer technology companies looking to enter new markets in North America, South America, and Europe, a robust suite of strategic business and marketing services that will accelerate time to market and strengthen key competitive advantages. The new partnership will offer technology companies looking to enter to new markets in North America, South America, and Europe. A robust suite of strategic business and marketing services that will accelerate time to market and strengthen key competitive advantages. This partnership leverages the complementary business assets, resources and capabilities of both companies, including a vast network of industry contacts, market access, sales and distribution channels, research, business development, and go-to-market strategies.  


Connecting FinTech Buyers with the world’s best Innovations

Demtech International and Matchi work together to develop their businesses. Particularly, Demtech expands Matchi’s platform throughout southern Europe, LATAM, and Israel. With the two companies in alliance, each benefits from the others connections and regional know-how. Matchi is a global innovation matchmaking platform that enables the best FinTtech Innovators in the world to showcase the latest, market ready innovations to a growing global community of over 50 forward-thinking FinTech buyers (banks and insurance companies) who are actively looking for solutions from outside of their organizations.

Proactive Matchmaking

Matchi is not just a platform, it supports you at every stage of your innovation matchmaking journey:
  • Experienced analysts help define your innovation needs
  • We keep you informed with our global FinTech Trend reports
  • Our regular communications keep you up to date with strategically aligned innovations
  • Personal introductions are facilitated by our team
Matchi’s goal is to connect buyers with the right FinTech innovations which will result in effective pilot projects and successful implementation.


Technology scouting worldwide and growth enabler for the innovation ecosystem

WiderPool, formerly known as GAI, is a growth enabler for the innovation ecosystem – serving as a matchmaker to large enterprises seeking to collaborate with proven growth stage tech businesses. They are an advisory board of 50 members with 8 partner organizations including Demtech International. Once WiderPool facilitates the partnership between larger, more established businesses, with the startup or innovator, Demtech aids the smaller company in developing. Together, WiderPool and Demtech International assure the success of integrating the two businesses, facilitating effective growth. They provide services such as:
  • Identify core business areas for corporations
  • Design and execute global calls for solution providers
  • Screen and curate technology solutions for partnerships
  • Integrat as well as negotiate and close business terms with the best-match technology companies

Top Seeds Lab

Top Seeds Lab is the global ecosystem that helps tech entrepreneurs build great businesses

Top Seeds Lab was founded by the members of the Beta Gamma Sigma honour society. They are an extensive network of excellent mentors and partners, prestigious technology Business Angels. Now that Top Seeds Lab and Demtech International have created an alliance, together we have professionalized the process of accelerating start-ups with top managers. Top Seeds Lab provides an array of acceleration programs structured differently for specific entrepreneurs, they offer different amounts of initial funding, work space, vertical and corporate mentoring, networking opportunities and possible public funding. Some of Top Seeds Lab corporate members include Abba hotels, Amadeus, Segittur, Barceló, as well as big names such as Avis, Europcar, Facebook, Iberia, and Alsa.


Do Something Epic, Together

HeroX is an incentive prize challenge platform that connects organizations, companies, governments, philanthropists to innovators. It allows anyone in the world to present a project they are passionate about, and anyone in the world could come up with a solution. This platform creates a community of innovation, helping companies achieve more speed to market and brand awareness and at the same time save on research and development costs. HeroX is an American organization with presence in Australia. They work together with Demtech in order to promote open innovation throughout Europe and the rest of the world. HeroX is a spinoff of the XPrize, and so is closely related to the challenges that they have run in the past. Xprize was initiated by Peter Diamandis, and the organization ran challenges with influential players such as Google, Qualcomm, Wendy Schmidt, Elon Musk, Forbes and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Past References


Zipylife is a manufacturer of consumer electronic products and portable accessories with the latest technologies like MP3 players, MP4, MP5, MID, and WiFi. Some of the other products that Zipylife creates include sports cameras, headphones, speakers, accessories for Smartphones, and tensiometers or portable meters for health parameters. Headquarted in Taiwan and present in Europe and Latin America, Zipylife is the first brand in sales per units in Portugal, and second in Spain behind Apple. Zipylife asked Demtech to find new market opportunities and help shape products according to the latest market trends.

Media Proximity

With the infrastructure provided by MediaProximitiy, using technologies such as Bluetooth, infrared, RFID and NFC, innovative marketing campaigns were run in major European metropolitan areas. Hotspots where installed at bus stops, train stations and public squares around the city. Passersby were able to get more after their visual contact with the advert. With a mobile phone an additional content related to the product or brand was available for downloading through one of the previously mentioned technologies. Our customers included Vodafone, Nokia, Renta4, CocaCola, RedBull, BBVA, Fitur, Simo, Panda Software, JCDecaux and many more.


Their DNA is to drive Multi-Channel thinking into client marketing activities.

Viachannel came to life in 2002 and today has over thousands of campaigns of experience. Together with Demtech’s, the two focused on providing technological and promotional design support to both brands and agencies. With a state of the art Mobile Marketing platform Viachannel offered advertisement and interactive services through all the existing mobile channels such as SMS push, MMS and IVR. Whether the campaign is designed to generate leads, communicate offers or create brand awareness and loyalty by using sweepstakes, giveaways, coupons and promotions; Viachannel´s goal is to connect the largest number of clients and consumers to the greatest number of channels possible. Their consulting experience combined with their proprietary platform makes it easy to quickly create, run and manage multi-channel strategies and campaigns. Their mission is to make campaigning simple and accessible. At the end of the day, Viachannel is simple, easy and amazingly fast and a great service for all consumers in need of publicity help.

Success stories

DT (magazine)

Monthly SMS push to customers in order to inform them that the new magazine is available in kiosks. Prizes available for those who reply. The message is a powerful brand awareness.

Sodexho Pass (restaurant checks)

Loyalty action offering discount to registered customers on different shops. Objective: drive more customers to use the web services.

IDT (prepaid phone cards)

This loyalty program for prepaid phone cards buyers. The customer adds points through SMS and redeem them easily with a code sent directly to his phone. The program was communicated in press.

Hypernova Digital

Hypernova helps large corporations to successfully move in the start-up space, by designing, establishing, providing finance and acceleration to those new ventures. This process ensures an efficient integration. They also deliver a controlled methodology and top notch experience that dramatically increases the success rate of those start-ups. This is also where Demtech International becomes a key player. Demtech aids the startups as well in growth and finding business success. This reinforces the investment of the large corporation as well as incentivizes all parties to collaborate. In addition to all this, Hypernova has a scouting program where the company is in a continuous state of is building a worldwide network of top-class executives and C-level directors to act as Scouts.