About us

We are results oriented and honest with our business proposition, we only offer what we are always sure to deliver.

The Company

DemTech is a Business Development, Marketing and Sales Company specialized in assisting high-tech companies to expand their operations to European and South American markets. Since 2000, DemTech International has acted as an open innovation partner for companies, enterprises and venture capitalists, turning our clients’ expansion plans into a reality.

“ We have generated more than 26 Million Euros in Revenues for our clients ”

Our aim is to create an immediate and effective presence in multiple geographic regions for our clients, through the provision of the right strategy, the relevant channels and a local sales force acting on your behalf in the field, profitably and proactively.

Mission and values

We are a results oriented business. We aim to be honest with our propositions, we offer what we are always sure to deliver.  Responsibility and compromise are a core part of our values, basing our work on knowledge and experience, developing our activities on the accomplishment of clients’ objective

“ We base our work on professionalism and experience, focusing on the accomplishment of clients’ objectives ”

Our Team

DemTech International´s dedicated team is composed of talented directors and advisors together with a young and professional team of international sales executives and project managers. They come from the best European companies and MBA programs, which enables foreign companies to understand the market and get immediate, growing results.

Why Demtech?

A recognized company with 15 years of experience

  • Time effectiveness:
    Your dedicated team from day 1, shorter time to market
  • Less operational costs:
    No need for heavy initial investments
  • Low risk:
    Short term commitment, continuous results evaluation and control over your budget
  • Maximum adaptability:
    We tailor our services on you specific needs and strategies.

Demtech Spain

Paseo de la Castellana 171, 3ºi
28046 Madrid

(+34) 91 123 0 567