Demtech signed an agreement with Agreement Express to expand business from Canada to southern Europe.

1st April 2016

Agreement Express
In 2016, as one of our most recent clients, Demtech International and Agreement Express have signed a contract to work together. Demtech International is helping Agreement Express expand their reach into the EU markets, with a focus on the UK, Germany, Spain and France. Agreement Express is a Canadian based company that has created a multi-tenant SaaS platform hosted securely in the cloud. Their unique template and workflow platform allow customers to quickly capture client onboarding data from any device connected to the internet. Agreement express helps their client from the moment they say “yes” to doing business and their first day of actually doing business. Their platform seamlessly integrates with APIs such as Salesforce and other integrators including Google Apps, Zendesk, and Equifax. After experiencing success in Canada and the UK, Agreement Express will create an impact on the Southern European hiring process with help from the business acceleration services of Demtech International.